Primus Event Service

Primus Event Service - maximum impact for high profile events. If you've been tasked with organizing a large-scale or high profile event (with more than 125 participants) such as sales & marketing presentations or a corporate announcement, then Primus Event Service guarantees a professional and stress-free event.

You request the options that suit the requirements of your event.

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Event Audio
With Event Audio, you have all the features you need at your fingertips. Dedicated Event Coordinators, event registration, Q&A and unique moderator interface are included in the core service, providing you with the tools you need to ensure a powerful and successful event.  Additional modules including transcription, a record of event participants and on demand recording can be added to bring additional value to your event.

Event Registration
Learn more about your audience with Event Registration. Event Registration enables participants to register in advance for your conference via the Internet. Most importantly, it enables you to gather your audience's professional contact information to use for targeted marketing campaigns, lead generation and follow-up.

Follow your audience
With Event View, you enjoy a fully managed service while staying in touch with participants. Our unique moderator interface enables you to access real-time information about your event and information submitted by participants. Check who's connected and view participant questions. Following your presentation, Primus Conferencing opens the floor to your global audience with an integrated audio and web, Q&A session, allowing you to sort and screen questions, sending only selected ones to the speaker.

Enhance your event
Tailor a solution that best meets the objectives of your event. Add further web options for maximum impact.

Online Presentation
This feature adds a visual element to the Event Audio Conference Call in the form of an online PowerPointâ„¢ slide presentation to increase understanding and retention of key points.

Audio Streaming
Allow participants to connect to your event online. Stream your audio via the Internet with Audio Streaming.

Extend the reach of your event with an archive hosted online by Primus Conferencing. Those who could not attend the live stream can follow later, at their convenience.